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Swedish Massage

Massage, Aesthetics and Training (MEF) 

Services: massages, training and support

  • MEF Wellness performs traditional massages and world massages

    • Targeted massages (area of your choice), made to measure: back, trapezius, cervical, chest, arms, face,   skull, legs and feet. 

    • Californian Massage

    • Massage Lomi-Lomi "Hawaï"

    • Deep Tissue massage

    • Cocoon massage Pregnant woman - Future mother

    • Child massage (supervised by a legal parent)

    • Tailor-made massage

MEF Wellnesbased in Villeneuve-de-berg, Ardèche, travels within a radius of 30 km. 

Massage Ardèche 07 at Aubenas, Vogüé, Ruoms, Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, Privas...

Coming soon, in 2023, 

  • MEF Wellness helps you in the creation and development of your aesthetic and well-being activity: traditional hair removal, facial care, body care and massages.

  • MEF Wellness audits and evaluates the quality of the services of your institutes or wellness spa (Upstream, before creation - during and after) General organization, layout, management, commercial and financial management...

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